“I am humbled to have the support of family, friends, and over 500 Frisco leaders and community members as I seek re-election to Place 7.”

Current Elected Officials

Frisco ISD

City of Frisco

Former Elected Officials

Friends and Family

Adkins, Audie

Aguilar, Meredith and Tony 

Allen, Rachel and Bauer, Otto

Altman, Rob and Shelley

Alzaman, Adeeba

Anderson, Ann and Thor 

Appel, Debra and Todd

Archambault, Randy

Archambault, Ron and Wong, Betty

Argekar, Michelle and Sachin 

Arndorfer, Reyna

Arredondo, Tiffany and George

Atchley, Joanne and Trent

Bacon, Dianna 

Bacon, Kim and Kyle

Badon, Chance

Badon, Cindy and Patrick 

Bailey, Melissa and Derrick 

Ball, Nathan

Baron, Nicole 

Basham, Debbie 

Basham, John

Basham, Phillip

Bazan, Erika and Cary

Beaver, Rene 

Bedsole, Gina and Clint

Bejtovic, Jennifer and Suad

Birkelbach, Haley and Zack

Blackburn, Stephanie 

Blakney, Jason and Shelley

Blackstock, Laura and David 

Blessing, Bailey

Blessing, Susan

Boswell, Hillary and Richard

Bourdier, Kristen and Joel

Bourne, Carrie and Tim

Bowler, Allyson

Box, Diana and David

Bradt, Jennifer and Doug

Brandon, Heather and Randy

Brickman, Stephanie and Bryan

Britton, Keith

Brotherson, Lindsay and Matthew

Browning, Rona and Steven

Bugni, Linda and Pete

Burns, Dana and Peter

Burton, Mandy and Steve

Buss, Paul and Jaynee

Calvert, Tasha and Robert 

Cameron, Melissa and Jeff

Cameron, Stacy and Rob

Candillo, Rachael and John 

Canterbury, Heather and Chad

Carlisle, Jordan 

Carlisle, Sandy and Ron 

Carlton, Leslie and Micah

Carter, Kelly 

Castillo, Erica

Cheney, Dana 

Cheruvu, Sunitha and Sriram 

Chiniara, Heather and A.J.

Christian, Andrea

Church, Kimberly Faith Hall 

Churchman, Stephanie and Donny

Clark, Lynda and Joel

Classe, Melanie 

Colberg, Brittany and Erich

Cone, Jo Anna and Steve

Cox, Robert

Crowe, Stacy and Jeff

Cunningham, Karen and Craig

Davis, Jodi

del Rosal, Luisa 

Derrick, Kristi and Craig

DeWaal, Michele and Willem 

Dillamon, Angela and Brian

Dodson, Shaye 

Dorzinski, Shelly 

Drake, Molly

Drinjak, Jennifer and Matthew

Earhart, Kristina

Earp, Angela

Edgemon, Cindy and Larry

Elman, Michael and Samaniego, Anna

Emerson, April and Jeff

Evans, Bob and Jennifer

Farragut, Lauren and Jason

Fillo, Tammy and John

Finley, Marla and Stephen 

Fletcher, Janey and Rick

Fuller, Elizabeth and Ryan

Gallagher, Carol and Bob

Galowitsch, Holly and Craig 

Gamble, Tracy and Gregg

Garms, Kathy and Lance

Gentry, Jamie and Ryan

Gillespie, Dane 

Gomez, Jenny and Ruben

Gowan, Kelly 

Grammar, Kristin 

Gray, Bobbie 

Green, Kelly

Gross, Carol and Jim

Hall, Amy and Scott

Hall, Kathy and Sherrie, Val

Hamilton, John and Betty

Hammond, Shannon and Fred 

Hanson, Ashley

Hargesheimer, Jennifer 

Harville, Julie and Justin

Havron, Sabrina and Leonard

Heatley, Erica and Sean 

Hebert, Josh 

Heinrich, Elizabeth and Nathan

Heit, Jamie and David

Helms, Steven and Kappi

Henkels, Ann 

Henry, Dan and Laurie 

Hillman, Alison

Hito, Viviana and Basil 

Hogan, Arnita and JP

Holland, Megan and Jeremy 

Hons, Cindy and Paul 

Hood, Becky and Aaron

Huang, Jessica

Hughes, Kalee

Hurwich, David and Angela 

Hunt, Michele and Chris

Jackson, Kim

Jackson, Savanah

Jacobs, Cindy and Ben

Jacobs, Nancy and James

Jacobs, Shannon and Jeff

Johnson, Zakiyah

Jones, Kevin and Cheryl

Kaia, Ellen

Kallus, Liz and Kevin

Kasmiersky, Valerie 

Kavanaugh, Jason and Katie

Kellam, Mary Ann and Steve

Kelso, Angela and Jason

Kendall, Joselyne and Jon 

King, Ebony and Christopher

King, Jennifer and Billy 

Kirchhoff, Korinna and Jon

Konetzny, Jenn and Tom 

Kuehne, Lisa

Krejci, Cathy 

Kujak, Marcy 

Lambert, Nancy Jo

Lambert, Stephanie and Ryan

Lane, Kristen and Aaron

Lederer, Lindsey and Ichter, Philippe 

Leo, Carrie and Edward

Lewis, Crisha

London, Caroline 

Luhrs, Ashley and Mark

Lusk, Fred 

Madden, Rene and Matt

Mahaffey, Taryn and Justin

Mahoney, Rebecca and Ed

Majji, Ram

Malinovsky, Kathleen and Mike

Martinez, Patty and Robert

Massa, Donika and Marco

Mattay, Dana

Mattay, Mason

Matulich, Carrie and Jeb

McAnally, Missy and Adam 

McCaghren, Jody and Lori

​McCausland, Jim 

McCoy, Kathleen and Michael

McCoy, Kristy and Kris

McElhaney, Terri Paterson 

McFadden, Aiesha and Travis

McGuire, Kim and Matt

Medina, Lorie and Russ

Mercer, Dawn and Brian 

Milhauser, Mache and Matt

Miller, Allison

Miller, Ashley and Justin

Miller, Clark

Miller, Sherry 

Monaghan, Lauri and Scott

Moss, Chris 

Murphy, Shantel and Scott

Naidu, Hitesh and Revathi

Nance, Melanie and Hill, Sean

Nelson, Debra 

Nguyen, Heather

Nickel, Ann 

Nix, Trina and Tom

Ovard, Wren and David

Ovard, Dawson

Owings, Leah and Jeff

Parkinson, Tammy and Paul 

Paschal, Dustin

Pasha, Debbie and William

Paton, Cristi

Peril, Dan and Ashley

Petty, Lindsie and John

Pittman, Sarah 

Polster, Geneva

Ponangi, Viji 

Purefoy, Debra 

Quiggle, Cathry and Jeff

Rainey, Leanne and Scott

Ramirez, Phil

Randolph, Corley 

Rasband, Deborah and Daniel

Rawlley, Khushboo and Sangit

Reed, Amy and Ben

Reedy, Blake and Katie

Rhea, Casey

Rhea, Evan 

Rhea, Kallan

Rhea, Michael and Yvette

Rhodes, Lynne

Richardson, Sherri 

Roberti, Bobby 

Robinson, Mufyn and Vincent

Rodriguez, Brooke

Rohman, Laura 

Rose, Brenna and Greg

Ross, Alyssa

Rudy, Amy

Rummel, Laura and Hayden

Rumsey, Melanie

Rutledge, Hunter

Salyer, Lisa and Brack

Samberson, Melinda 

Sample, Renee and Kevin

Schepers, Jackson

Schepers, Leslie and Paul

Schepers, Mason

Schoeneberg, TJ

Schroeder, Jenn

Schulze, Marian and Brad 

Schulze, Laura Kate

Sellers, Darlene and Jeff

Sharp, Brad 

Shipman, Keith 

Shirvaikar, Anjali and Mukul

Simmons, Summer

Simon, Paul

Simpson, Sandy

Slavin, Cindy and Paul 

Smith, Christina 

Smith, Steve and Caroline 

Sommers, Kristen 

Speight, Jamie and Davis

Spitters, Julie and Jim

Stelly, Wendy

Stewart, Kimberly and Mike

Stewart, Monica

Stewart, Natalie and David

Stolle, Lyndall

Stover, Caresa and Ian

Stringer, Elizabeth and Steve

Su, Macy

Sudomir, Stephanie and Joey 

Summerall, Megan and Matthew

Sun, Ivy and Su, Ted

Swain, Erin 

Tadimeti, Raghu 

Tangyie, Jennnifer and Ambe

Teague, Ashley and Jonathan

Thompson, Angela

Thompson, Evelee 

Thompson, Nikki and Bobby 

Thomson, Samantha and Brian 

Thurmond, Amanda and Jason

Tobias, Jason and Jereme 

Tucker, Stacey and Brandon

Tummala, Laxmi

Tupper, Jim 

Turner, Meredith and Clint

Turzai, Lisa and Mike

Tyagi, Varsha

Tysell, Tammi and Ken

Uldrich, Laura and Michael

Unruh, Becky and Brandon

Vetkoetter, Kathleen Garms

Vicencio, Valerie and Smith, Silver

Wadas, Rebecca and Derk

Wallace, Gje and David

Wasabi, Heidi 

Weaver, Debbie and Glenn

Weaver, Karen and James 

Weber, Denise

Weber, Kamryn

Weir, Katie

Wendell, Nancy and John

Westphal, Mercy and Ray

Williams, Kristen and CB

Williams, Lisa 

Wilson, Chrissy and Chris

Wittenbrook, Wendy and Greg 

Wolverton, Suzanne and Kenneth

Woodard, Laura 

Woodson, Beverly and Charles

Woodward, Cullen

Woodward, Heather and Martin

Woodward, Josie

Woody, Jay and Watland, Katrina 

Wysong, Hillary and Brian

Yake, Anne and Mike